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Grab Exchange Contactor How does the electrical interlock improve?

Release date: 2016-07-27 Author: Click:

Grab in the industry is one of the most common products, grapple in the exchange of electrical interlocking contactor problems how to improve, grab manufacturers to provide you with a relatively professional advice:

Because of this trip the quantitative electric contact 380V, 5A, and it is only connected to the road, not cut off the load, and thus more durable contacts.

The CJ12 grapple exchange contactor moving core in front of the frame frame removed, the next section of the cut, put on a 50mmX 80mm transcribed steel version, the transcribed version of a steel version of the trip LX19-LX1B the electric switch, And then install it to the contactor, the use of contactor to move the core component of the stroke action. Hydraulic grapples

As we all know, CJ12 exchange contactor electrical interlock on its own auxiliary contact to cash, but the auxiliary contact compression stroke is only 2 ~ 3mm, and the main contact moving contact overtravel 5-6mm, also That is, in the main contact moving, static contact has not been out of contact, the auxiliary contact has been lost interlocking effect, no matter how the adjustment can not overcome the shortcomings caused by the structure. Because the trip switch invalid stroke is only 3mm, when the exchange contactor moving core in the fundamental reset, another position of the contactor circuit capacity of the loop is connected to the main contact in order to protect the rest of the static and dynamic contact conditions The ability to change, to effectively prevent the contactor in the commutation of the instantaneous short-circuit scene. To this end, made the following improvements. The mechanical interlock of the original design of the grab is difficult to adjust because of the adjustment, and it is easy to change position in the operation, so it can not afford any function. The electric interlock is not effective for preventing the commutation or short- Blasting scene. CJ12-100A contactor and continue to try and found that due to moving the core components lighter, the stroke of the pressure to meet the pressure switch is not enough, the ability to run through the adjustment. Therefore, I feel that this modification in the CJ12-100A contact above the use of reality.

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