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Gripping by the left and right combination of the two or more jaw opening and closing of the jaw Gripper and unloading of bulk materials, by the jaw composed of a number of jaws, also known as claws.

Grab can be divided into:

First, the hydraulic grab

Hydraulic gripper itself is equipped with opening and closing structure, generally driven by hydraulic cylinder, composed of a number of jaw plate hydraulic grapple, also known as hydraulic claws. Hydraulic grab in the hydraulic equipment for a wide range of applications, such as hydraulic excavators, hydraulic lifting towers and so on.

Excavator hydraulic grapple is divided into two kinds of rotary and non-rotary, non-rotary grab bucket with excavator fuel tank of the oil, do not have to add another hydraulic valve block and pipe; with rotary gripper to add A set of hydraulic valve block and pipe to control.

Excavator hydraulic grab for the occasion:

1, foundation excavation excavation, pit excavation and mud, sand, coal, gravel loading.

2, especially for the groove or restricted space side of the excavation and loading.

3, for ships, trains, cars loading and unloading.

Second, the mechanical grab

Mechanical gripper itself is not configured opening and closing structure, usually driven by rope or connecting rod external force, according to the operating characteristics can be divided into double rope grab and single rope grab, the most commonly used double rope grab.

The double-rope gripper has a supporting rope and an open-close rope which are respectively wound on the reel of the supporting mechanism and the opening-closing mechanism. Double rope grab the working process: a support rope and open and close rope at the same time down, open the bucket mouth into the pile. B to tighten the opening and closing rope, jaw closed and grab the material. C for the grab support closed after the rope and open rope at the same time rise. D to support the rope does not move, open and close rope down, Doukou open and remove the material. Double-rope grab work is reliable, easy to operate, high productivity, wide range of applications. Using two sets of double rope after four rope grab, working with the same double-rope grab.

Single rope grab support rope and open and close rope with the same wire rope. Through a special locking device so that the rotation of the wire rope to play the role of support and opening and closing. Single rope grab winding mechanism is simple, but the low productivity, a large number of loading and unloading operations rarely used.

The grapple is divided into three categories according to the bulk density of the material being grabbed (such as grappling), medium (eg gravel gravel) and heavy (eg, grabbing iron ore) Grab and multi-jaw grab, the most commonly used double jaw grab. For large ore, scrap iron and scrap, etc. should adopt multi-jaw plate grab, because it has more claws, cutting tip characteristics, easy to insert the material pile, get a better grasping effect. There is also a scissor-like structure of the scissor-style grab, and its grasping force with the jaw plate closed gradually increased, at the end of the closure of the maximum; the bucket mouth opening and cover the material area than General grab is large, improve the crawling ability, is conducive to cleaning yard and cabin, but for large pieces of material because of its initial grip force is small, the effect is poor.

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