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Grasp the power lines do not control what is the cause

Release date: 2016-07-27 Author: Click:

Each operating arm length has a certain curve.

(2) What is the purpose of the structure when grabbing operations? What are the reasons for the stability of the grab operation?

A: Under normal conditions, grab the front of the stability is better than the stability of the side and the rear of the stability, that is, the stability of the front> side stability> rear stability. Feet span must choose to have stability, the greater the span, the better the stability, the smaller the span, the stability of the worse. In order to work, should be taken to strengthen the sky after the consolidation measures before operations. In the boom-type grapple operation in the middle, should be the use of standard arm length of heavy volume operations.

(4) What is the characteristic curve from the component? How to choose from the characteristics of the curve curve?

A: lifting heavy objects, variable amplitude or Shu-volume operating procedures error; shrouded, luffing progress too fast; super-size, super-scale and super-torque applications, etc., are unwarranted lifting stability. In the soft sky on the operation, should use a soft pad to expand the support of power. Therefore, the operation should be fully out of the outrigger. When the arm must be non-standard operation, should use the most brink of the standard arm length and shorter corresponding to the characteristics of the curve operation. Or other relevant materials: bridge grab type, electric single girder bridge grab

A: The characteristics of the curve from the weight is usually based on boom-type grab the whole machine stability, structural strength and strength of the three conditions of comprehensive mapping.

(3) operation of the author in the lifting operation, which line must have grab the stability of the grab?

A: The work site skew or loose will make the crane structure of the board gas, increased stability, should not be heavy volume of skew the road surface operations.

(1) the choice of lifting position on the lifting of a solid job why not?

2, grab the relevant knowledge:

(2) DC motor to review the motor, and then easy to point the first review of the secondary circuit does not jump a small electric door? Starting the door with or without problems, the door stroke door, and the like

(1) zero position the door did not return, master line has a fuse burned, master line contactor out of the fault or coil burnout.

A: There are many kinds of causes

1, grab the power lines do not control the cause of that?

When lifting heavy objects in front of the 冋 turn to the side, we should pay attention to prevent instability tipping.

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