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Repair and maintenance of marine hydraulic grab

Release date: 2016-07-27 Author: Click:

1, routine maintenance

For hydraulic oil, the main attention to oil level, oil temperature, oil quality and oil.

Before the oil level measurement, make the grab is in the closed state; it is necessary to prevent the oil level is too high, the tank pressure is high; but also to avoid the oil level is too low, resulting in oil temperature damage to the pump. When the ambient temperature is lower than -10 ℃, you must preheat the hydraulic oil or let the grab in the closed state, until the oil temperature rose to 0 ℃, the grab before they can put into normal work. Regular cleaning or replacement of filters; replacement of hydraulic oil should pay attention to using the same brand of hydraulic oil.

Especially for long-term outage, this work must be taken seriously, otherwise it will cause the articulation of butter dry, it is difficult to re-filling, resulting in joint friction and wear of the campaign, the system load increases .

On the top of the piston rod, pay attention to clean; Grip in the closed state, the piston near the top of the seal ring dirty, most likely to cause wear and tear movement, sealing failure, causing leakage. Therefore, the top of the piston rod to keep clean, to prevent the entry of solid particles. If you find the top of the piston rod has been excessive wear and tear, it is necessary to replace the piston rod; replace the piston rod to shore renovation.

Spare parts management: supervisors in accordance with the instructions and the use of the ship, the timely application of spare parts; especially vulnerable parts (such as high-pressure tubing, etc.). Hydraulic grapples

Wharf loading and unloading use Grab period, the engine department arranged on duty, ready to use common tools and spare parts, in order to deal with failures in a timely manner, reduce idle time. Make a record of the use of a large maintenance work can be carried out when the sea conditions permit in time to ensure the normal use.

2, the main overhaul work

(1) Piston rod packing order (packing set) replacement: Cylinder piston rod leakage is the most common failure, on the one hand will cause oil pollution and waste, on the other hand replacement work is sometimes more cumbersome, and it will not take long Will be damaged. Coupled with the seal so expensive, so from the economic point of view and the workload has caused great distress to us.

Cylinder seal types are different, refer to the instructions. Some can seal the cut after the replacement, more simple and time-saving, but the service life is shorter, the overall replacement as soon as possible to ensure reliability. Some of the seal can only be an overall replacement, the piston rod to be pressed, the workload is large, will affect the loading and unloading.

Leakage of the reasons can be considered from the following aspects: Seal to make long-term use, resulting in failure; oil pressure is too high (oil block dirty; hydraulic system pressure setting inappropriate; load is too large, especially due to the articulated parts of bad lubrication serious) The last a sealing order (scraper) failure, abrasive into; piston rod coating damage, scrape bad seal order.

Timely cleaning to reduce wear and tear of the piston rod; use to observe the record leaks, so that when not in the overall replacement; check the oil level of the oil filling points; The upper surface of the piston rod coating, if found to be damaged, must be promptly renewed.

(2) Removal of the piston: The piston rod must be depressed when the piston rod seal is to be replaced as a whole; the piston rod must also be depressed when the piston rod guide bush is to be checked or replaced; When replacing the piston ring, the piston and piston rod should be hung out together.

1). Open the grapple open flat on the deck, prepare a few long springboard, on the grab to work;

2). Loosen the locking screw on the piston rod lock nut, install a special wrench, lay down the nut (if necessary, the hot fire);

3). Because the piston rod and the upper beam for the cone between the tight fit, you can use hydraulic pressure, press the piston rod, so that from the beam. Use of hydraulic tools for the cabin, do a good job special fittings, then in the hydraulic cylinder, the piston rod down. A rod of appropriate length is supported in advance between the upper and lower beams to provide a balance so that the piston rod is disengaged from the upper beam while protecting the other cylinder from additional forces. You can also use the grab hydraulic system itself, press the piston rod;

4). Replacement of the entire set of seals on the piston rod, if necessary, can also be carried out piston rod guide the Secretary for the inspection and replacement work;

5). Release the piston rod guide device, the piston rod head mounted rings, hanging out the piston; work to protect the surface of the piston rod coating, so as not to bumps;

6). Unscrew the piston from the piston rod, check and replace the piston ring;

7). Installed, the use of hydraulic pressure to the piston rod and the upper beam between the cone hole in place in order to tighten the nut;

3.Grab grab handle full of goods can not be opened

First check the circuit, such as the circuit is normal, loosen the fuel tank on the tubing joints, and then forced open the grab two gourds, flat on the deck; remove the cable connector, motor cover, tubing and then lift the motor and pump, Suction check valve is normal, the relevant connector is broken loose, if necessary, dismantling oil pump or control valve group.

4. Grasp the cable loose or even be pinched off the deal

Grab cable has a special set of tightening device, the motor drives a turbo coupling (Turbo coupling), and then through the gear deceleration, driving cable drum (Cable reeling drum), drive torque is the turbine coupling Of the hydraulic oil transfer. When in use, the control switch causes the motor to always run in the direction of tightening the cable. When the grab falls, gravity forces the cable drum to reverse run. Therefore, the amount of oil in the turbine coupling and oil quality is particularly important, insufficient oil, the transmission of the driving torque reduction, cable loosening, easy to pinch; oil too much, the motor overload.

Found that the cable can not be tightened, you must immediately replace the replacement of hydraulic oil. Loosen the oil cock, let go of hydraulic oil, you can start the motor rotation rejection left internal oil; and then according to the provisions of the number of instructions, adding the same hydraulic oil. Start the motor, check the cable tension, measuring the motor current, requiring a certain tension in the cable, the motor temperature is normal, if necessary, to adjust the hydraulic oil pressure.

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