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Grab type selection method

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There are many kinds of grapples for cranes. According to the use of the crane grab grading is divided into single rope suspension grab, two rope grab, four rope grab, four rope to send take-type grab, electric motor grab, stainless steel grab, hydraulic multi- Scissors grab, log grapples and electric hydraulic grab. According to the proportion of crawling the material, turn all kinds of grab is divided into light grapple, medium grapple, and heavy grab and super-heavy grab.

Before selecting the type of grapple, it is necessary to confirm the working environment of the grab, the number of cube objects to be grabbed, the cube of the object and the weight of the material, as well as the tonnage of the crane. And then use the crane information to determine what type of grab. After confirming the type of the good grapple, also confirm the opening direction of the grab, perpendicular to the main beam of the crane or parallel to the main beam of the crane.

First, according to the use of grab the initial selection

Single rope hoisting gripper is used for only one hoisting drum. It is used for all kinds of ordinary cranes. It is suitable for grabbing all kinds of loose materials and is suitable for launching.

The two-rope grab is mainly used with bridge cranes, harbor machines and hinge cars. It is widely used in harbors, power plants, wharves and chemical industry to grab all kinds of loose deposits such as ore, coal and slag. Car, unloading, feeding and other operations.

Four-rope grab is mainly used with two sets of lifting drums, supporting the use of gantry crane, crawling all kinds of loose materials, loading, unloading, transfer stacking and other operations. According to the needs of the material and the use of crawling can be designed with teeth, parallel beams open underwater operations and other forms.

Four-rope faction-type grab is mainly used to grab small granularity of loose material. Dustproof and waterproof performance is good, edge plate joint gap is small, generally applicable to ports, terminals, cargo terminals, crawling coal, grain, slag and other loose materials.

Electric motor grab is used for ore, limestone, slag, slag, coal, coke and other loose material handling of the work. Can not operate. If the outdoor work, to increase the rain facilities, can not be flammable, explosive, acid, alkali vapor environment.

Stainless steel grapple is designed for brewing, mainly used for grasping the song material, sauce, sauce residue and so on. Mechanical grab

The multi-flap grab is suitable for all kinds of harsh environment. It is mainly used in harbor, railway, metallurgy, mine, construction and other industries. It is mainly used in loading and unloading of scrap steel, iron bulk material and rubbish.

Scissors grab grab the material clean when not leak, suitable for cleaning yard and cabin, closed with the gradual increase in the closure process, and more for large-scale bridge unloader.

Log grapple is used to grab the long plank of the special gripper, log grapple for port, forest, wood, wood products factory, paper mills and other industries, loading, unloading, unloading, Stacking and other operations.

Electro-hydraulic multi-flap grab for the environment is bad, the material is irregular, difficult to grasp the material. Mainly used for scrap iron, pig iron, stone and other irregular bulk cargo handling, apply to steel, waste incineration, ports, rail transit and other occasions.

Second, according to grab the material to select the type of grab

Bulk specific gravity of loose material

All kinds of grab grab the material table

Note: After the selection of the grab, also confirm whether the applicable crane. Confirmation: First of all, confirm the grapple with the rated lifting capacity of the crane, the gravity of the grapple, grab the grave with the gravitational weight can not exceed the rated lifting capacity of the crane, or re-selection.

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