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Grab the usefulness

Release date: 2016-12-06 Author: Click:

Double cable grab for double lifting mechanism (single rope) of the various types of cranes, multi-use equipment box ports, terminals, road and bridge construction industry. According to the characteristics of materials can be equipped with light, medium, heavy, heavy type. Applicable to grab all kinds of loose deposits.

Double cable and double gripper crane grasp Guangdong Wai baffle to take a specific gravity of 0.6-3.2t / m3 various granularity of the bulk cargo, usually for food, coal, cement, sulfur, ore powder, ore.

Double cable multi-flap grab, suitable for small cranes, eat more deep, can capture large particles of bulk cargo, usually scrap, coal, ore and so on.

Electric grapple cranes can be used to grab loose items, such as ore, sand, carbon stone, slag, slag, coke, coal, loose clay, electric grapple can not be used for water work.

Electric grab crane works: lifting movements rely on a single reel or linked to the hook on the hook, which itself has a closed body, open and close movement is to rely on the reel to complete, because he is not like the closed reactive power Grab as a closed rope by the pulling force, grasping Wai baffle cranes from all the excavation weight, and thus the ability to crawl, the most suitable for grasping the ore and other difficult to grasp the material.

The electric grapple crane is often used in multi-purpose cranes, with its own opening and closing mechanism, you can load and unload materials at any height, the efficiency is higher than single rope grab, but the need to add energy transmission cable device. Asynchronous electric grapple crane, electric, asynchronous grab of the long, easy to dismantle hanging, loading and unloading high efficiency.

The electric multi-gripper cranes are widely used in railway, port, metallurgy, mining, construction and other industries because of their high efficiency in the harsh environment of loading and unloading of scrap steel and building materials. I plant a separate design of the asynchronous opening and closing multi-flap grab, jaw valve can be closed according to the shape and size of materials, is conducive to large pieces of material to crawl.

The four-rope double-bucket grapple crane is suitable for the bridge and ship unloading machine in the port and energy circulation industry. The crawling proportion is 0.6-3.2t / m3. Guangdong C steel mills with uniform grain size are usually grain, coal and cement , Sulfur, mineral powder, ore and so on.

It is suitable for large gate machine in port. It can eat the material more deeply. It can fetch bigger bulk cargo, usually scrap steel, coal, ore and so on.

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